Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Revisited

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My last Sturgis Motorcycle Rally visit was ten years ago. In 2000 it was the 60 Anniversary year of the rally. I confess, I hauled my 68 FLH in the back of my truck and was glad I did.

The heat in the Wyoming desert (from Lusk to Newcastle) was unreal and it showed on every biker we seen from the comfort of our air-conditioned truck cab.

We were on our way to Rapid City and a rendezvous with some friends out of Illinois late in the week on Thursday.

Our friends had rented a house in Rapid for the week and we were free to set a tent in the back yard for a case of beer to the homeowner. By two o’clock in the afternoon on Thursday we heard radio reports they had closed all exits going into Sturgis off I-90 because the town couldn’t take any more traffic or people.

By the time we unloaded and did our set-up it was around 6pm. Our Illinois friends had gone to Devils Tower for the day so we jumped on the 68 and headed to Sturgis anyway and had no trouble getting into town.

68 FLH going to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

We did the Main street ride to get the full Sturgis Motorcycle Rally experience, the downtown was packed as expected.

Making our way to the north side of town on a small side street I found a private parking area for five bucks in an elderly ladies secluded driveway. She had a table and chairs set up in her garage and said the five dollar charge included armed security…..she was packing.

She filled us in on some of the shit that could get you a ticket or your ass thrown in jail.
Like tossing a cig butt to the ground, or drinking a beer while walking down the street and not to mention exposing yourself in public. She then pointed out how close we were to the City jail, it was like right next door.

So we left our beer in the saddle bags and did the downtown walk taking in the true night sites and sounds of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and a couple of beers at the Dungeon on Main Street and a few other bars.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally pictures may be harmful to your health

The Dungeon Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

The next day with our friends from Illinois in check we headed out for a full day of downtown and all around.
This is a shot of me and my good friend Hunk, downtown Sturgis.

Me and Hunk at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

One of the best stops we made was at the Full Throttle Saloon. The clouds were building and like every year at Sturgis all hell broke loose, just thankful there was no hail in this storm.

Full Throttle Saloon

One thing about the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is you just never know what your going to see. How about some latex ladies……

Latex Girls

Big bonus at the Full Throttle Saloon, my “significant other” paid for this nice shot of Hunk and me.

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Girls

We then finished out the day cooling off down in the Dungeon.

The Dungeon

Hope you enjoyed this post and ya didn’t hurt your vision….that’s all from my

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Revisited

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Map Your Motorcycle Ride

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There are quite a few motorcycle sites out there to map your ride. You can use Google Maps and do up a nice ride map. The other day I stumbled on and think I found one hell ‘of a mapping site. They have been around a couple of years, but within the last few months have done some major updates.

They have added Google Earth 3-D plugin (very cool), and divided the rides between loops (originating and returning from a single point), routes (for users piecing together trips), and bike destinations.

Unlike other ride sites, places more emphasis on the visuals of the mapping system.

Content on the site is posted by users but only published pending editorial review to keep things consistent.

The site also lets users rate rides, edit ride descriptions like a wiki and ad comments for temporary updates like construction or hazards.

It has a pretty thorough directory system for local clubs, tracks, schools, etc which get linked to the rides in the respective areas.

It also lets users post personal pictures that can be toggled and displayed on the map. And it has a no bull-shit member forum.

With the Google Earth 3-D plugin you can zoom right down to ground level or do a fly over on your entire route.

Below are some screen shots of a ride I did out of Loveland up to the Alpine visitors center in Rocky Mountain Park.

Going up we took hwy 34 up through the narrows of the Big Thompson Canyon into Estes Park and entered the Park via the Fall River Road North entrance. Following this we turned around at the Alpine visitors center after hitting the highest paved road in North America at 12,183 feet, well above the treeline and into tundra. The ascent is equivalent to driving hundreds of miles north into the arctic regions of Canada.

Motorcycle Rides out of Loveland

Motorcycle Ride Alpine Center

Motorcycle Ride

Make sure you check out and map your ride.

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300 Motorcycles Maybe More

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It’s hard to count motorcycles when they’re everywhere you look. That’s the way it was today during the 24th Annual Franks Ride for Children. One thing that wasn’t hard to see were the smiles on the kids faces as they rode in sidecars and on the back of the dedicated bikes. Here is some pic’s from today.

Different Harley sidecar set-up, a two seater with a lid.
Harley sidecar two seater.

Goldwing sidecar with a lid.
Goldwing sidecar with a lid

Street view.
Street view motorcycles

One of the stops, The Windjammer Roadhouse.
The Windjammer Roadhouse

The Windjammer lot was full, but still room for this V8-trike

And this 1950 FL Harley.
1950 FL Harley

It was a beautiful day for a ride and a good day for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the kids.

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Springtime in the Rockies

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I love this time of year, anything is possible. Rain, snow, hail, sunshine and 80 degrees one day 34 degrees with rain the next.
Going down to check out the 24th Annual Frank’s Ride for Children Sunday morning. Excepting a couple of hundred motorcycles to be taking part in this ride that benefits the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

I found this ‘Springtime in the Rockies’ Bubble Up soda ad, circa 1969. Drink a cold one and ride safe.

Springtime in the Rockies, Bubble Up soda

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